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Having been in teaching for almost 30 years I know that it would be possible to work for 24 hours a day and still have more to do. Teachers want to teach, they want to work with the children and use their creativity and expertise so that each child reaches their potential and enjoys the experience. Unfortunately nowadays writing plans, assessing, recording and reporting mean that teachers have to spend so much time on paperwork that they have less time to devote to what they do best- teach!

No matter what management role I had, I always continued to teach in the classroom mainly because I love teaching. It was also so that I would never ask other teachers to do what I wasn't prepared to do myself. I know how time-consuming the planning and resourcing of lessons are and therefore want to produce or find resources and ideas to help busy teachers and make them available on this website- Quality Resources 4 Kids.

To make a start I have included mainly language and literacy resources. Over time I will include resources covering other subject areas and resources for subject managers and senior managers.

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Language and Literacy


POETRY - Bio Poems

 Bio means life. Generally a Bio poem is about a person or a person’s life.

It is often a great activity to begin a new school year and accompanied by the children’ photos makes an effective display. Alternately it could be used as part of a topic About Me. I have also adapted the theme to include 2 alternative types of Bio Poem and to show how you could adapt them yourselves to fit with virtually any topic:

PDF file Bio Poem - A poem that the children write about themselves.

PDF file Bio Poem about my friend - which will involve speaking and listening skills and discussion.

PDF file Bio Poem for a Tree - this could be used in a topic about the environment where children describe the life of a particular tree.



PDF file Story Planner

PDF file Story Writing Frame for Older Children

PDF file Explanation Frame

PDF file Persuasion Frame

PDF file Note Taking Frame for Secondary School Students

PDF file Recount

PDF file Recount Sentence Starters

PDF file Recount Sentence Starters and Personal Comments; higher level

PDF file Features of Recount Checklist for students


High Frequency Words

High frequency words are the most common words in our language; they are essential words as they are needed to make up even the simplest of sentences. High frequency word lists are composed of words that can be decoded (phonics) and a few that that have been termed as ‘sight words’ because they contain more complex spellings which are not phonically decodable.  For that reason, it is important that we help students learn the ‘tricky’ or complex parts of the words. But these are not 'Sight words' and should not be sent home to be learned visually. The following is a more comprehensive explanation and guide for teaching

PDF file Teaching High Frequency Words: Guidance and Resources

Phonics: At the beginning of the school year it is a good idea to do a class screening to see what level that your pupils have reached with spelling. Click below for Phonic Assessments, which will help you group children for phonic work. The reviews will also help you identify where to start a phonic programme for individual children who are experiencing learning difficulties.

PDF file Reading and Spelling Assessment - Initial Phonic Review

PDF file Spelling Assessment -  Later Phonics Review

PDF file Phonic Spelling Lists - Provides lists of spellings covering various phonic rules.

PDF file Bossy or Magic e Game - a Go Fish game to reinforce Bossy/Magic e

Beat Your Score Series: The following exercises are great for providing repetition and reinforcement but in a fun way where the student has to beat their score each time they play.

 PDF file Initial Sound Ladder

PDF file Thought Clouds- cvc words

PDF file Star Vowels- short vowel sounds

PDF file Climb the Blend Boxes 1 - r and l blends

PDF file Climb the Blend Boxes 2 - sp, sn, sm,st and w blends

PDF file Climb to the top of the End Blends Boxes 3 assortment of final consonant blends

 PDF file Climb to the top of the Digraph Boxes 4 - ch, sh, th


Spelling and Sentence Activities and Worksheets

We aim to regularly add to and update the spelling activities. Some of the worksheets are differentiated. If this is the case one will have the title followed by Advanced.

PDF file Adjectives to Describe a Character-differentiated

 PDF fileAdverbs

PDF file Adverbs Advanced

PDF file Homophones

PDF file Homophones Advanced

PDF file Onomatopoeia

PDF file Plural s and es

PDF file Plural s, es and ies

PDF file Plural s, es, ies and ves

PDF file Root words

PDF file Root words Advanced

PDF file Soft C spelling chart

PDF file Spelling er, or, ar

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 PDF file Repeated Reading Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency: Research over the past two decades has identified Repeated Reading as the key strategy for improving students' fluency skills. Read more including the strategy

 PDF file How to Improve Comprehension when Reading with a Child



Letter Naming chart- print and laminate one chart for the child to use and then print a second chart on paper for you to record. Ask the child to read the letters left to right, top to bottom and record their responses on your copy. You can use the chart to record individual letter sounds too


ADDITIONAL NEEDS Including Classroom and Individual Support for Students

Special Needs Checklists. Including children with special needs can present major challenges to main stream schools. Additional information is being discovered all the time about different types of special needs and the remediation required. Of course this information is welcomed and helpful, however a class teacher has up to 30 individual children’s needs to meet and wants to enable every child to meet their potential and has only 24 hours in a day!

PDF file Spotting the symptoms of Specific Learning Difficulties in Class - provide the signs and symptoms of special needs such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger's and Dyslexia. They will help teachers to informally diagnose needs in class without waiting up to a year for a formal diagnosis.

PDF file How to Identify, Support and Teach Children with Special Needs in a Mainstream Classroom - Is a Training Manual for those involved with Special Needs and is intended as a comprehensive resource for class teachers. It contains plenty of ideas to enable teachers, Special Needs coordinators and Classroom assistants to give each child appropriate support both in class and individually. It will show you how to identify if a child has auditory processing or language difficulties (for example) and then given you lots of ideas about how to remediate them both in class and individually. More importantly it provides you with all the information to put together a programme according to the needs of the child.

PDF file Precision Reading Sheets for Phonics Research has shown that use of precision sheets can dramatically increase the children’s reading ability. Precision Reading provides reinforcement and repetition and is essential for children and adults who are Dyslexic.

PDF file Connectives to Improve the Quality of Written Work. Dyslexic students (and other students) often stick to simple, concise sentences and, when they do extend sentences they tend to join them with connectives such as “and” or “because.” This mars the quality of their written work. This list of connectives will help students of in Primary and Secondary schools to link sentences and improve the quality of their written work.

 PDF file Ideas for Syllable Division If a student has difficulties with auditory processing you will find that they will struggle to process all of the sounds in a word. They will often omit syllables form words when reading or spelling. These ideas will help to improve their ability to decode and encode multi-syllabic words for reading and spelling

 PDF file Proof Reading and Editing A cue sheet for Students.  Dyslexics have great difficulties in seeing the whole piece and identifying any missing pieces or errors. Their ability to proof-read their own work, therefore, is impaired. This Cue sheet will help them by providing step-by-step guidance. Also helpful for students in further education.

PDF file What is an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)? An ILP or Individual Learning Plan is written by a school, hopefully in consultation with the child and parent. It is a tool to help plan for meeting the special educational needs of a child and to aid effective teaching and learning. ILPs are only used where a child needs something extra or different from others in the class. This PDF is intended to help teachers and parents to produce effective ILPs

PDF file How to Prepare Handouts for Dyslexic Students

Dyslexic students often find it difficult to extract information from handouts for a variety of reasons. Find out how to prepare a handout that will help many students and can be put into place to make accommodations that will not single out students with LD.

PDF file Preparation of Written Material/Handouts for schools, Education Institutes & Employers

I have extended the Handouts info above to include advice for employers and to include any written materials not just handouts. In addition, this explains how to prepare written information to be read using text to speech software and how to make webdesign easier to access.

PDF file Making Classrooms Inclusive and "Dyslexia-Friendly- Top Ten Tips

10 easily implemented tips that will make a significant difference to many students in your class

PDF file Auditory Processing/Phonological Awareness Checklist for Classroom Teachers

Teachers can use this simple checklist to ascertain whether their students may have difficulties following information or instructions due to auditory or phonological weaknesses


PDF file Christmas Decorations, Displays and Cards

PDF file Christmas Literacy Ideas

PDF file Christmas Literacy Ideas 2

PDF file Christmas Maths Ideas

PDF file Christmas Maths Ideas 2

PDF fileChristmas Party Food Recipes

PDF file Christmas Party Games

PDF file Reindeer Food Idea

PDF file Christmas Tree Idea using Children's Hands

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