Educational Services


The following summarises the services that I provide

Individual Dyslexia Assessments for children, teenagers and adults

Workshops for Parents

Training Courses and Consultations for Pre-schools and Schools

Resources for Teachers and Parents

Sharing Advice, Ideas and Resources


The following summarises the services that I provide

  • Individual learning assessments for children, teenagers and adults
  • Training courses and consultations for pre-schools and schools
  • Workshops for parents
  • Resources for teachers and parents
  • A forum for parents and teachers to share useful resources and advice
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Individual Dyslexia Assessments for children, teenagers and adults

If you suspect that your child is dyslexic the sooner you act the better. However it is never too late to act. Many teenagers and adults contact me for assessments because they have reached a stage in their life where the strategies they have used are no longer enough. Alternately they want to know what is causing them difficulties with reading and spelling, to rid themselves of the stigma attached to being told they are lazy, a daydreamer or careless. They want to understand why they had to work so hard to do something that their peers at school found so easy.

Assessments include

Initial discussion to find out about background, difficulties and the best way that I can help you

  • Full diagnostic assessment and comprehensive report
  • Recommendations for how to help you at home, school, college or work
  • Follow up visit to discuss the report, explain any terms and give you the chance to ask questions- this is a unique service
  • Advice about many free resources to help you and useful websites
  • I am available to discuss the report and recommendations with your child’s school, your college or workplace- this is your choice. No information will be divulged without your permission.

For more detailed information about Learning Assessments and how to seek help see Dyslexia Assessment Details

Training courses and consultations for pre-schools and schools

I offer a range of training courses for schools and pre-schools/kinder. However these courses can be altered or adjusted to meet your needs. Alternatively, if you think that I may be able to assist you with a particular topic or issue that contact us.

The courses and consultations fall into the category of:


Click on any of the above for more details

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Workshops for Parents

Almost half of the Australian population has problems with literacy and numeracy. Their skills were found to be below the required levels to meet the demands of everyday life and work. These statistics were produced by the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills survey undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2006.

The workshops that I am offering to parents aim to support parents in improving their children’s literacy and numeracy skills from babies upwards.

There are presently two set workshops for parents and these could be arranged by a school, pre-school establishment or by a parent support group or club.
If there are any other topics connected with school that you feel would be of interest to parents please contact me and I would be pleased to organise a programme for your consideration.
I would be happy to arrange the workshop to coincide with an event you might be organising, for example an open afternoon or a curriculum evening.

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How to help your Child learn to Read- a Reading Workshop for Parents

Reading to young children is proven to be the single most important thing a parent can do to ensure their child's success in school. Not only does reading improve children's language development - the single strongest predictor of school success - but it also brings parents and children closer together. This workshop will help parents support their children’s reading skills from babies to school age and beyond.
Parents’ groups might like to run this for mums and dads or pre-schools and schools may like to run the course as part of a curriculum event.
For more details about the workshop email  


How to Support your Dyslexic Child

It is estimated that around 10% of the Australian population is dyslexic. A dyslexic child who finds it difficult to read and write can also suffer a lot of anguish and trauma with the demands of school or when they compare themselves to their friends. Dyslexia is not a disease and therefore is not curable; however there is so much that can be done with appropriate treatment and support to help children who are dyslexic both at home and at school. The workshop will explain to parents how to recognise dyslexia and how to support their child at home. IT will also cover how to work with the school to support their child and how to help their child organise and complete their homework.

As with the reading workshop Parents’ Groups might like to run this for mums and dads or pre-schools and schools may like to run the course as part of a curriculum event. Alternatively it could be offered as a workshop at a Dyslexia or Special Needs conference

For more details about the workshop Contact Us

For more details about arranging an assessment for your child go to Dyslexia Assessment Details

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Resources for Teachers and Parents

Having been in teaching for almost 30 years I know that it would be possible to work for 24 hours a day and still have more to do. Teachers want to teach, they want to work with the children and use their creativity and expertise so that each child reaches their potential and enjoys the experience. Unfortunately nowadays writing plans, assessing, recording and reporting mean that teachers have to spend so much time on paperwork that they have less time to devote to what they do best- teach!

No matter what management role I had, I always continued to teach in the classroom mainly because I love teaching. It was also so that I would never ask other teachers to do what I wasn’t prepared to do myself. I know how time-consuming the planning and resourcing of lessons are and therefore want to produce or find resources or ideas to help busy teachers and make them available on this website

As far as parents are concerned there are so many companies telling you that their product is essential to your child’s learning. Yet so many of you have told me that an educational toy, book chart etc that you have purchased has held no interest for your child or has had only a short lifespan. Another problem is that many of the resources are so expensive. Therefore I will be providing resources and activities to help you and your children on this website
Most of the resources will be free to download and I will endeavour to add to the resources on a weekly basis. For resources go to:

Resources 4 Teachers

Resources 4 Parents

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Resources to support Adults and Children who are Dyslexic

I will gradually build a range of resources to support people who are dyslexic. The Coloured Reading Rulers have been extremely effective for dyslexics who find that when reading; the print is blurry, words moves about the page or they frequently lose their place. Wooden Alphabet Letters are so versatile and I consider a must for teaching children or adults who reverse letters, have difficulty sequencing the alphabet or have experienced real difficulty learning to spell. How to Identify, Support and Teach Children with Special Needs in the Mainstream Classroom is a manual for anyone involved with children with special needs. However it contains a lot of information that would help you identify and support children and adults who are dyslexic.
For more detailed information go to our purchases section.


Lots More Ideas and Resources

I post additional ideas, useful resources and courses for teachers and parents every week on
 my Facebook Page: Resources 4 Kids and Dyslexia Assessment and Support Services

E-mail: Phone: 0402225051