Sound Pack with Spelling and Syllable Rules


  Sound Pack

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Front of sound pack

Excerpt instructions

 The sound pack should be used every day for constant repetition and reinforcement of phonemes, which is essential when teaching a structured synthetic phonics program. They should be used at the start of each phonics and word work session as they are crucial in developing phoneme/grapheme correspondences. The sound pack is ordered to line up with many programs’ scope and sequence. The cards have graphemes on one side with the key word, teaching point or rule associated with them printed on the back. Regularly used, the sound pack will assist in retaining information in long-term memory. In addition to using the sound pack in the early years they can also be used in later years to reinforce the 6 syllable  and spelling rules. There are instructions on how to use these cards for decoding and encoding with class and individually with Tier 3 students.

  • 216 cards in total
    108 grapheme cards
    108 rules and keywords to go on the reverse of cards
    pdf file Price:  $15