Small Wooden Alphabet Letters


Small Wooden Alphabet Letters- lower case Approximately 50 letters per pack

The approximate length of the letter 'L' is 4.5cms, the 'a' is 3cms and the width of the letters is 3mms


Small Wooden Alphabet Letters- lower case.

These letters are smaller than the other sets offered on my website and some teachers prefer to use these in the classroom as they find them easier to use individually with a child at their table. There are approximately 50 letters in a set and therefore the children can make words with more than 1 of most letters.

 Students' reading development is heavily dependent on their understanding of the alphabetic principle – the idea that letters and letter patterns represent the sounds of spoken language. It is important to learn the name, shape, and sound of each letter both in order and out. Sequencing the alphabet aids dictionary skills and retrieval of words for spelling

Children can make words by listening to the sound and feeling the shape they can have the alphabet letters laid out in front of them and make one word, for example “fed” and then change it to ‘bed.’ By just changing one letter. In this way they are listening to the change of sound and feeling the shape of the letter that makes the sound. They can then change 'bed' to 'bet' to 'met' to 'mat' to 'sat' etc. and so you can work on onset and rhyme and the child is able to make multiple words in one minute. Much faster than writing and more effective. Teaching reading through spelling will happen by using the method above. This is based on the idea that children will learn to read words that they have composed more efficiently than words from another source that were written for them.


Like the larger letters: the uses and possibilities are endless and the letters provide an excellent learning resource for all children, not just those who are dyslexic.

There are many ideas and suggestions for using the letters to improve literacy skills in the manual 'How to Identify, Support and Teach Children with Special Needs in the Mainstream Classroom' or on my USB ‘Dyslexia- 100+ Essential Resources for the Classroom.’

I use the letters mainly to teach reading spelling and the alphabet sequence however they could be used in children’s’ craft projects and can be painted and used as name plaques.


Price: $13.00 per set