Sharing Advice, Ideas and Resources


I would love to make life easier for parents and teachers and provide inspiration and support. Please help me by sharing your ideas

Every teacher will have a brilliant lesson plan, resource, idea in many different areas of school life.

Likewise all parents have good ideas, advice, know of a great place to take the kids etc.

Please send your ideas or resources to me so that we can share them with others. Do also send photos accompanying your contributions if you wish.

All Contributions must be entirely your own. I will include your name (unless you request otherwise) if your ideas/resources are posted on the site.

What to include:

  • Your name (please let me know if you would rather that your name didn’t appear as the author of the item).
  • Contact email address
  • phone number (optional)
  • If providing a resource or lesson plan, great place to visit etc please include some background information.
  • You may want to suggest the approximate age group that the idea is intended for
  • Attach any material to the email and send it to me (see below for email address)

What I will do

 I will look at your idea and add it to the appropriate area of the site if it is suitable

I will try to add the ideas as soon as possible after I receive them but please be patient with me?

Where to send Contributions

Please email all contributions to:

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